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Mainly we work with distributed cloud solutions (AWS, GCP, Azure). We specialize
in back-end solutions (Java, Python), but not only. Our teams also build high traffic e-commerce platforms with modern front-end web apps (React, Vue.js, Angular), mobile native (Swift, Kotlin) and cross platform apps (Flutter, React Native). You can also find blockchain developers cooperating with us.

If you are looking for programmers for other technologies, don’t worry, let us know, we
will build a team tailored to your requirements. We have several of Polish and Ukrainian companies in our network
and thousands of experienced and well-educated developers from Central and East Europe. We will also help you to find UX designers, scrum masters, architects, engineering mangers and many more.
What we do?
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We prefer a time and materials contracts.
You can hire a single developer or entire multidisciplinary teams.
You can sign up our developers after the trial period or work with us for the long term.
We have simple and transparent rates, both parties know the costs and salary of devs.
We are flexible and we offer short notice periods, but you can always book a job guarantee of 6 months or even a year.

You can also ask about fixed price contract.
Usually it is more expensive option and kick off takes little longer, we have to work on a final software requirements specification, together.
Anyway, you get price guarantee and it can be decisive factor for you!
We only work remotely (but from time
to time you can invite our reps to your office).

Why should you work
with us?
Our Values
No matter if you are a small startup,
a large manufacturing or tech company, it doesn’t matter if you want to build a new e-commerce solution, design a new electronic appliance or develop new automotive technologies. Our developers have their own preferences, but most of them want to work on exciting projects (or at least well paid) and want to work in happy and healthy work environment.

We have experience working with various companies. We are aware that startups need flexibility. On the other hand, financial institutions need stability and security. That’s why we’ve developed our own set of rules. All of this helps to follow our values and ensures the satisfaction of both parties (our clients and developers).

Who is our offer for?
The project is co-financed by the European Union from the Smart Growth Operational Programme